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Utensil Holder - Burlap Frozen Themed - Set of Two

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Set of two. Pocket utensil holders. 3.5" W x 9" L. Comes with Frozen theme ribbon center, adorned with one silk flower top right, hot glued, pink seam tape is sewn at top, and hot glued on pocket. Ribbon square picture of Elsa and Anna is hot glued to center of pocket. Fits fork, spoon and knife.  

Perfect for your little girls, having a tea party with mommy, daddy, auntie, grandma, sisters, best friends. Tea for two.

No two holders match exactly, these are hand made, with white thread. Burlap is uneven, heavy, frays. No perfect squares or rectangles. You are purchasing empty holders, the tallest utensil the knife is 9". Utensils and plate not included.

These are the two you will be receiving.  Allow 4 business days to ship. Shipped in bubble wrap envelope, through USPS.  Choose in shipping the $3.50. If applicable, tax will be added.