Top showing silver flat button.
Front of bouquet showing clear 4" handle.
Right side of bouquet
Left side of bouquet
A Garden of Dreams

Wedding Bouquet - Pretty White Silk Peonies

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Light and airy, embellished with clear headed pins and one silver button on top. Created on a 5" white styro foam ball, with a clear plastic 4" handle. White satin ribbon is pinned in place at the top of the handle. This is not a perfect round ball, the large peony white flowers give it the "real" flower look. It's roundness measures 23". Top to bottom tip of the bouquet is 16". 

This is the bouquet you will receive.

Shipping: New box, wrapped in tissue paper to hold in place. In transit, pins may loosen, flowers  may flatten. Revival instructions will be included. 

5 business day delivery. This is the bouquet you will receive.

Refunds: only occur if your wedding is cancelled. Bouquet is to be returned in it's original box, we will deduct $15 cancellation fee from your payment and return by check the remaining monies. You must email to notify us of your cancellation.