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Bouquet - Pink Rose Blush Satin Bouquet

Bouquet - Pink Rose Blush Satin Bouquet

$ 105.00

This is a big bouquet, it diameter is 22", made with 33 individual satin roses, in hot pink and white. It is embellished with two deconstructed jeweled necklaces. It's weight is about 10 oz. It's handle is only 4", but if you grab it tightly you will have no problem hanging on. The jewels face forward, and the top row of white roses are centered with pink raspberry buttons, secured with pink pearl headed pins. There is a surprise behind all those roses, a vintage pink and white doily, she is there barely peeking through. In the jewels there is a a third color, a very light, light blue(focus close to see how much of an impact the blue is, if your color scheme does not include this third color) . So if you are looking to walk up the aisle with a big beautiful bouquet, then we made this just for you.

Shipped in 5 business days.

This is the bouquet you will receive.

Shipping: New box, wrapped in tissue paper. Pins loosen and satin may go flat, instructions will be included on how to reattach and fluff up.

Refunds: only occur if your wedding is cancelled. Bouquet is to be returned in it's original box, we will deduct $15 cancellation fee from your payment and return by check the remaining monies. You must email to notify us of your cancellation.

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