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Bouquet - Handmade Purple Satin Rose

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Each Rose was handmade out of purple satin ribbon, pinned to a 5" styro foam ball. A deep purple large petal flower was deconstructed and repinned with pearl heads and centered with pearl buttons. Tulle circles were used at the base. The handle is silver metal. Length: 12, Round 19", Weight: 7 oz.

Shipping: Cardboard box, wrapped in tissue paper to hold in place. In transit, pins may loosen, flowers  may flatten. Revival instructions will be included. 

5 business day delivery. This is the bouquet you will receive.

Refunds: only occur if your wedding is cancelled. Bouquet is to be returned in it's original box, we will deduct $25 cancellation fee from your payment and return by check the remaining monies. You must email to notify us of your cancellation. Send cancellation email to: