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Wedding Bouquet - Blue Peacock Silk Hydrangea

Wedding Bouquet - Blue Peacock Silk Hydrangea

$ 65.00

This handmade bouquet is very unique in it's look, if you love blue hydrangea's (and who doesn't), then you will adore this pearl draped bouquet. It is made on a metal tear drop bouquet apparatus and weighs about 8 oz. It is top heavy so, store it in a bouquet holder or use a glass flower vase. It's length from top to handle is 14". The bouquet is a metal tear drop, and the flowers have been placed underneath and pulled through the metal. A vintage pearl fan necklace dangles front and center, with pearl buttons and pins, securing the necklace to the metal, with glue added to keep from slipping off.  The handle is foam wrapped in white satin ribbon, with blue seam tape pinned into place. The bottom of the handle is embellished with a blue brooch. Why Peacock? The side view just reminds us of a peacock head as he walks and it's beak juts out.

This is the bouquet you will receive.

Shipping: New box, wrapped in tissue paper to hold in place. In transit, pins may loosen, flowers  may flatten. Revival instructions will be included. 

5 business day delivery. This is the bouquet you will receive.

Refunds: only occur if your wedding is cancelled. Bouquet is to be returned in it's original box, we will deduct $15 cancellation fee from your payment and return by check the remaining monies. You must email to notify us of your cancellation.

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